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  Computer Graphics

The above visual art piece is result of visualization experiments with blob functions in the Euclidean and "Taxicab" spaces. What these spaces are? They are the same set of points in the three dimensional space with two different methods of measuring distances between them. [>]

  Web Design

Mobile Health Network - Health
Galea-W - Body Control
Mojnazor - Nes & Ads
Vector - Travel Agency
ProHand - Protection Wear
SzMPSz - Teacher's Association
GymMadGa - High School

 Communication & Colaboration

A platform-independent instant messaging Java AWT client with multiplexing and routing message-copy server.

A platform-independent graphical instant messaging Java Swing client with multiplexing and routing message-copy server.

Digital Video Surveillance System
A HTTP-based image capture and remote storage and a multiple distributed source image retriever system.

 Remote Control

Dictionary-Pluggable Robot Control
A Java client-server solution with non-symmetric controlling and controlled clients and a dictionary-based derver.

 Web Applications

Simple Content Management System
A PHP-powered CMS with user permission and chapter management.

Mobile Health Network
A PHP-powered CMS handling three roles (the role of a patient-subscriber, a physician and an administrator) that manage medical records.

 Remote Data Storage

Http-tunneled medical data collection and remote storage with a Java Swing client and a Tomcat-extended server.

Flight passanger data (passanger-, flight-record and passanger photo) collecting and remote storage.

 Image Processing

AVI-file reader and image sequence decomposer.

CAT Viewer
Cellular Automata Transformation compressed image viewer and decomposer.

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